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Posted on Dec 14, 2016 in Language Arts Development

Chinese Immersion: Lesson Collaboration

PLEASE NOTE: Turn on captioning to see translation of the Chinese Immersion classrooms’ activities in English.

Language immersion requires intensive collaboration between the English teacher and foreign language teacher. This video explores this relationship in a first grade setting.

All Districts with Elementary World Language Immersion Programs have identified an uninterrupted K-12 Immersion pathway for students to continuously build toward advanced-level language proficiency.  In the middle school, students will have a hybrid, online world language learning experience with Immersion language-speaking peers.  In high school, immersion students will be able to take the AP Chinese or AP Spanish course in 9th grade and then participate in dual-enrollment or dual-credit courses with local universities. (Resource: Delaware World Language Immersion Program)

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This video was filmed at W.B. Simpson Elementary School.