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Posted on Dec 1, 2015 in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Home-School Communication Book

The Home-School Communication Book is a seemingly subtle yet important piece allowing parents access to important features of their child’s day, and for educators to track unexpected events that may impact teaching and learning.  There is no more important task than identifying how communication will occur between home and school. In many ways, systems of communication can set the stage for how relationships unfold over the course of the school year. Establishing a trusting relationship is critical, especially when working through challenges that may occur. Remember that your positive comments should always outweigh your negative comments. A Home-School Communication Book can be any notebook, composition book or loose-leaf binder Resource: Indiana University Bloomington. They provide sample worksheets as well.

Download the “Daily Journal” sample worksheet.
Download the “What happened at home?” sample worksheet

The Front of the Class video on Visual Supports is a nice complement to this video.

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This video was filmed at Gauger-Cobbs Middle School.