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Posted on Sep 20, 2014 in Classroom Management

Interactive Calendar and Morning Message: Part 1 of 2

A morning routine for students should be provided.  Start the students in the “floor zone.”  The floor zone is an area where the students are ready for learning and attending to the teacher and the lesson.

Please Note: There are Occupational Therapy (OT) Tips throughout this presentation.  They demonstrate devices and techniques. If one believes that observed behaviors could benefit from these devices or techniques, please consult with the school’s OT or have the child’s parents obtain an OT recommendation from a pediatrician prior to incorporating these ideas. 

Order of Events

  • Days of the week song
  • Today is – Student reads the date
  • Place Shape on monthly calendar
    • Choose a child as a calendar helper
    • Students practice shape movement – Kinesthetic learning
    • Students identify pattern
  • Weather
    • Recognize the weather for the day
    • Marking an “X” in the box is a way to practice writing skills
  • Identify the number of days the children have been in school
    • Use cans to represent 100’s, 10’s and 1’s
    • Use popsicle sticks to represent each day
    • Practice finger isolation
  • Counting numbers around the room
    • As a responsive classroom technique, the daily calendar helper says, “Get ready.” This cues the class that the activity is about to begin.
    • Another responsive classroom technique, the teacher uses the term “hawk eyes.” This cues the students to focus their eyes on the lesson.  Allow students as a group to choose their favorite animal.  For example, the could use eagle eyes.
    • Green flashlight is a visual cue that also helps with tracking.

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This video was filmed at The Pilot School.