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Posted on Sep 20, 2014 in Classroom Management

Interactive Calendar and Morning Message: Part 2 of 2

Provide a morning routine for students.

Please Note: There are Occupational Therapy (OT) Tips throughout this presentation.  They demonstrate devices and techniques. If one believes that observed behaviors could benefit from these devices or techniques, please consult with the school’s OT or have the child’s parents obtain an OT recommendation from a pediatrician prior to incorporating these ideas.

 Order of Events Continued

  • Movement break as a class
    • Students need to learn about their engines.  How is their body feeling?
      • A high engine is revving and low engine is sluggish and tired.
      • The goal is a just right, optimal engine.  A just right engine is ready for learning.
    • A movement break is the perfect way to slow down a revving engine or wake up a sluggish engine.
    • Add counting by 5’s or 2’s as a way to learn while moving.
  • Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow
  • Morning Message
    • Teacher writes a letter to the class.
    • Sight word development
    • Sound/Symbol: Use an adapted sign language for each letter’s sound.
    • Math: Question of the day.
    • Grammar and punctuation recognition
    • Seeing the teacher write.

Individual movement breaks

  • Go to the water fountain
  • Pushing on a wall
  • Plank on the floor
  • Visual fidget

Use of a Paraprofessional 

  • Part of the team
  • Provides students visual prompts and visual cues
  • Work on an extension activity as students complete their calendar

Occupational therapy (OT) devices

  • Wiggle cushions
  • Weighted stuffed animal
  • Weighted vest
  • HowdaHUGS chair
  • Visual Fidget

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This video was filmed at The Pilot School.