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Posted on Sep 20, 2014 in Classroom Management

Classroom Management for Elementary School Students

A demonstration of classroom management for elementary school students.

Please Note: There are Occupational Therapy (OT) Tips throughout this presentation.  They demonstrate devices and techniques. If one believes that observed behaviors could benefit from these devices or techniques, please consult with the school’s OT or have the child’s parents obtain an OT recommendation from a pediatrician prior to incorporating these ideas.

Various techniques used including:

  • Responsive classroom techniques
    • Audio record: Students copy teacher’s words
    • Video record:  Students copy teacher’s actions and words
    • Happy face: When teacher makes a mark under the happy face, students say, “Awesome.”
    • Sad face: When teacher makes a mark under the sad face, students say, “Oh no.”
    • Teacher says,”Class, class.” Students respond, “Yes, yes.”
    • Mistakes: Students respond, “It’s cool.”
    • Talking crown: Students wear a “talking crown” when they wish to respond to a question. Teacher wears a “talking tiara” while she teaches that lesson.
  • Movement breaks
    • Half-time
    • Verb Rap Song
  • Interactive lesson
    • Students come to front of class to pick from a grab bag for a language arts lesson
    • Students dance to the Verb Rap song
    • After the Verb Rap song, students must act out a verb of their choosing.
    • Use of technology – Use of the Verb Rap Song played from a laptop.
    • Token Economy – Use of puzzle pieces as a token economy.  For participating and doing what is expected in class, student earns puzzle pieces.  Once puzzle is complete, student gets to cashout for his reward.
  • Occupational therapy (OT) devices
    • Specialized seating – wiggle cushions and ball chair
    • Thera-bands under seats for foot fidget
    • Weighted vest

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This video was filmed at The Pilot School.