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Posted on Sep 20, 2014 in Language Arts Development

Using Song Lyrics to Aid Fluency

Fluency is important to develop readers who read smoothly, pay attention to punctuation, and chunk words (group words) together by meaning.  This lesson highlights visual and auditory processing strategies. It is especially valuable to students who have struggled with decoding.  However, it is a fun and worthwhile activity for all levels of learner.

Please Note: There are Occupational Therapy (OT) Tips throughout this presentation.  They demonstrate devices and techniques. If one believes that observed behaviors could benefit from these devices or techniques, please consult with the school’s OT or have the child’s parents obtain an OT recommendation from a pediatrician prior to incorporating these ideas.

Fluency Characters

Click on the character name to download an image of each to use in your own class.

Philip Phrasing

Helps students to remember how to put words together or chunk the words.

Rita Rate

Helps students to remember the speed varies as they read; they should not always read fast or always read slow. Good readers adjust their rate depending on what the character is saying.

Tony Intonation

Helps students to remember that some words get more emphasis or oomph.  Also, depending on which word you emphasis, the meaning of the sentence can change.

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This video was filmed at The Pilot School.